Ed Minard Photography | Snow Geese over Burlington, Iowa
Created 12-Mar-13
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Thousands of snow geese flew over the Mississippi River at Burlington, Iowa around 10:45-11:15 a.m., Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The line of geese reached from Illinois, across the Mississippi and across Burlington toward highway 61. I would estimate the continual line of geese was 4 to 5 miles long. The geese crossed highway 34 near the ethanol plant west of West Burlington and then proceeded in the direction of the Sperry, Iowa, where some of the geese landed to get out of the snow. This is the most geese I have ever seen at one time. The following photos do not do justice to the number of geese seen.
Snow Geese fly over downtown Burlington, IowaSnow geese fly over the Mississippi River @ Burlington, IowaSnow Geese fly over F & M BankSky covered with Snow Geese @ Burlington, IowaSnow Geese fly over Burlington, IowaSnow Geese near Sperry, IowaSnow geese fly along Highway 61Snow Geese fly over Highway 61 near Sperry, IowaSnow geese along Highway 61 south of Mediapolis, IowaSnow Geese in the corn fields south of Mediapolis, IowaSnow geese south of Mediapolis, Iowa

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